Do you already send data to AWEKAS?
...then Stationsweb is ready to use!

For each wetherstation, which sends data to AWEKAS, a website with
two individually customizable themes (including graphs, tables, forecasts,
an own image gallery and many more) can be activated
- for a price of only 3,96€ excluding taxes per month!

- simply activate the service and you are ready to go.

    Various ways for displaying your weather data

    All weather data is displayed clearly in graphs, tables and on the instrument panel. Two different themes are available to fit your personal wishes.

    Forecast included!

    An included interface from World Weather Online gives your local weather for the next three days.

    Easy configuration

    The appearance is configurable directly in the web browser of your choice. No programming knowledge needed.

    With AWEKAS Stationsweb you can publish your own weather website

    Simply choose your favorite from the pre-built designs,
    add information or adjust the page acording to your wishes - do all easily in your browser.

    • Six languages included

      The page is automatically available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian language. Each visitor can select his favorite one.

    • Independent

      It is not a matter about station or software, you are sending data to AWEKASE - Stationsweb is ready to use.

    • No programming

      No programming whatsoever is needed. AWEKAS Stationsweb works out of the box

    • Webserver included

      No webserver or webspace is needed. AWEKAS stationsweb runs directly on the AWEKAS-servers.

    • Support

      Updates and mail support are included in the same way as AWEKAS.

    • Image gallery

      Create your own image gallery! Upload pictures, sort them and you have finished!

    • Fixed term

      No subscription. No automatic extension. The service ends with the payment span but it can be extended anytime.

    • Satisfaction guarantee

      If you are not satisfied you can stop the service within 21 days following the payment and get your money back.

    AWEKAS Stationsweb

    The easiest methode to present your
    AWEKAS weather data on the internet

    ... see yourself ...